Is Gluten Bad For You? Are Grains Bad For You? The Shocking Truth…

Is gluten bad for you? Are grains bad for you too? I remember eating a full cup of oatmeal every morning while in college and before that I would eat a bowl of Wheaties for breakfast for years thinking it was the “breakfast of champions.”

Sure I’ve heard of people who have allergic reactions to gluten and grains but they were one in a million.  I didn’t have any digestive problems, but I did have dreally bad blood sugar problems early in the day.

By the time I hit up the gym around 10:30am my body was crashing and I felt like I wanted to pass out.  As I broke out in a cold sweat I desperately would reach for something sweet to bring up my blood sugar.  I was really just attempting to fix the symptoms when I needed to dig out the root problem.

If you don’t know what gluten is exactly, it’s basically a protein found in oats, rye, millet, barley and wheat.  Rice and corn are other grains that don’t have gluten per se, but instead of very similar proteins that can cause problems in your body.

Even though we’ve been imprinted to consume crackers, cereal, bread and pasta almost on a daily basis, the gluten is bad for you and the grains are bad for you too.  I’m going to explain why…

Somewhere down the road we started blaming fats on why people we’re getting fatter and we instead started eating more carbs to fill in those calories as we eliminated fats from our diets.  Most people don’t know the difference between healthy fats and not healthy fats.

Your body needs fats to survive and unsaturated fats are where it’s at.  Foods like avocados, fish oil, nuts, olive oil and organic butter are a great source of monounsaturated fats and your body even needs a little bit of saturated fats as well.

I’m definitely not saying to completely drop carbohydrates and do the whole Atkins Diet by putting your body in ketosis, but you should be getting your carbs from vegetables instead of grains and gluten-containing foods.

Even whole grains should be eliminated from your diet and I would only eat some sprouted bread if you’re in pretty good shape now and you exercise regularly.  And if you’re seriously trying to lose weight then I’d also look at eliminating fruits from your diet as well.  They’re mostly fructose which is another form of sugar and even though your body will absorb it better it’ll still sugar.

Is Gluten Bad For You? Are Grains Bad For You?

The reason I recommend getting most of your carbohydrate intake from green vegetables is because they’re much easier for your body to digest and absorb.  Grains and gluten are bad for you because they’re very bad for your G.I. tract and they stimulate bad responses in your thyroid, liver and pancreas.

People who consume grains and gluten experience a number of problems such as weight gain, fatigue, depression, reduced immune system, brain fogginess, anxiety, skin problems, insulin resistance and fungal infections.  All of which, suck.

But the biggest problem on most of your minds is undoubtedly the weight gain.  When we eat grains and gluten our bodies get a very rapid rise in blood glucose and to counter this our bodies will release insulin into our bloodstream to lower those blood glucose levels.

And the huge problem with insulin is that it’ll automatically put your body into “Fat Storage Mode” and it’ll immediately start packing on the pounds.  The body does this because it’s preparing your body for a future famin and to top things off your body won’t let you burn any fat, so eating that bowl of cereal in the morning and then working out is like a dog chasing it’s tail!

Sorry Lucy, no more sugar!

This is where my blood sugar problems came in.  I was eating cereal and oatmeal every morning for breakfast with a serious lack of protein and green veggies.  When my pancreas would release the insulin to combat the elevated blood glucose levels, it would also raise my blood sugar levels as well.  And it was only a matter of time before my blood sugar would come crashing back down…

Insulin is also going to suppress some of your best fat burning and lean muscle building hormones too.  Glucagon burn fat and sugar in the body and growth hormone promotes muscle building (which also burns fat).  When you’re body starts crashing, hypoglycemic “experts” will tell you to start eating a candy bar to bring it back up but they’re only going to continue the cycle of doom.

So the best thing you can do is start eliminating these carbohydrate rich foods from your everyday diet.  Gluten is bad for you. Grains are bad for you. They’ll make you fat, lethargic and sick. Also check out my blog post on Why Does Milk Make You Fat too. Instead focus on getting most of your calories from protein rich foods, dark green vegetables and stay away from processed foods and sugars as well.  If you have to eat that pasta and cereal then save it for you cheat day.  Other than that you shouldn’t be eating them.

For a couple great resources on this kind of diet, I recommend checking out these two fantastic books: