7 “Healthy” Foods That Cause Belly Fat

Foods That Cause Belly Fat AKA Stay Away!

Have you ever been eating something only to find out that what you are eating was actually one of the foods that cause belly fat? Unfortunately there are a lot of so-called healthy foods out there that are really nothing more than unhealthy belly fat gaining foods.

In this blog post, uncover the truth about these fake health foods to avoid not only to keep you healthy but also to keep the belly fat off for good. It still surprises me how many people who think these foods are healthy for them but in actuality they’re severely decreasing their health as one of the reasons why people complain that they just can’t lose weight.

I’m not a believer that all calories are created equal because for instance you can’t eat 1000 cal of mayonnaise and I’ll bet you everything I own that it won’t be nearly as healthy for you as 1000 cal of green vegetables. So it’s time to throw the whole calorie equals a calorie myth out the window because it’s really the nutrients and how your body reacts to them that makes all the difference.

I’m not blaming you because at one time I actually thought these things were healthy for me to and I spent the better part of my life eating them. But today is a great day to start making some changes because if you continue to eat these foods you will not only not be able to lose fat but he also decrease your health as well.

The 7 Healthy Deadly Foods That Cause Belly Fat

Bread. My first unhealthy food that causes you to gain belly fat is bread and despite what most people think the bread that you’re eating is not as healthy as you think it. The reason bread is not healthy for you is because it spikes or insulin levels and this will happen from eating pretty much any kind of bread. And the number one rule of how to lose belly fat is to keep your insulin levels at stable and lower levels and by eating bread this will be counterintuitive to that principle. This also goes for other processed grains such as pretzels, cereals and chips.

Fruit Juice. Fruit juice is the second one on my list of foods that cause belly fat and most of us think of drinking orange juice as a typical American breakfast. But the truth is fruit juice is loaded with fructose which is another form of sugar that our body can’t handle properly. It will raise our blood sugar which will in effect also raise or insulin levels so if you’re looking to stay lean than the fruit juice has got to go!

Soy is also very very bad for you and I would recommend eliminating it from your diet completely. A lot of us are drinking soy milk because we think it’s a healthier alternative but it’s really going to cause numerous health problems besides stomach fat. Also most of the soy we consume is genetically modified and this makes it very difficult for our bodies to process not to mention you’re most likely consuming a lot of pesticides and toxins.

With that being said the next food that causes belly fat is pasteurized dairy and the reason you want to stay away from this kind of very is because it kills all that enzymes and healthy bacteria that actually make it beneficial to our health. Did you know a research study found that when they fed baby cows pasteurized milk the majority of them died before maturity? Always drink raw milk only and throw the pasteurized and homogenized dairy out the window!

Vegetable oil should also be avoided when cooking because when you heat them they result in the formation of molecules that are more toxic than trans fat. I would stay away from these polyunsaturated fats such as canola oil because they are also high in Omega-6’s which cause inflammation in your body leading to belly fat and other health problems.

Frozen yogurt is something people think is very healthy for them but unfortunately most manufactured frozen yogurt has had a lot of sugar added to it. The reason they do this is you obviously help improve the flavor, and therefore increasing their sales. Remember one of the reasons you gain belly fat is because of sugar raising your insulin levels.  Instead opt to make your own yogurt and try to find a plain Greek yogurt and toss in a little bit of cinnamon for flavor.

And the last one on my list are artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and aspartame even though they contain zero calories your body still recognize the sweet taste, and therefore expectingcalories to follow leading to weight gain because your biochemistry becomes distorted from it. Consuming these artificial sweeteners will actually cause your body to crave more of it because even though it tastes sweet your body is not satisfied because it wants those calories that it was expecting. Instead try not to sweeten your food or use just a little bit of raw honey or Maple syrup to do the job.

Wrapping Up This Foods That Cause Belly Fat Post

Hopefully I shed some light on some of these so-called healthy foods but in actuality there really foods that cause belly fat. I’d also ready my top fat burning foods for women post for more foods to avoid. ¬†Besides the weight gain you also see a decrease in your health, lower energy levels and more stress in your body. I would highly recommend staying away from these foods and instead use my Flat Belly Formula system to discover healthier food choices that will improve your quality of life while also flattening your belly.